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  1. the phrase The SlowFast Society, to give you an image of a society that has a balance between things that would benefit of being slow and those we like to be fast or.
  2. Slow Fast Slow is a simple iPhone app that allows you to manipulate the speed of videos you shoot on your iPhone using an intuitive and fun interface.
  3. slowfast computes the slow and fast modes decompositions of a system G(s) such that. G(s) = [G 1 (s)] + [G 2 (s)] G(s) contains the N slowest modes (modes with the smallest absolute value) of G. [G 1 (s)]: = (A ^ 11, B ^ 1, C ^ 1, D ^ 1) denotes the slow part of G(s). The slow poles have low frequency and magnitude values.
  4. Slow-Fast When you feel like you are expending a lot of energy and should be going fast, but you are still moving slowly. "Man, I was walking up from the beach yesterday and I was going slow-fast." by Xur .
  5. 5. Getting Started with Pre-trained SlowFast Models on Kinetcis¶. Kinetics is an action recognition dataset of realistic action videos, collected from YouTube. With , short trimmed videos from action categories, it is one of the largest and most widely used dataset in the research community for benchmarking state-of-the-art video action recognition models.
  6. Oct 13,  · Slowfast. Luke Vibert. From the Album YosepH October 13, $ Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited. Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited.
  7. Slowfast by Philippe Lamy, released 25 November 1. Esne 2. Fai 3. Grammo 4. Fra 5. Tip 6. Bloud 7. Gour 8. Phnow A man is walking across the desert with memories of the sounds where he has come from, of what he has left behind. Crossing the arid landscape, he listens to those sound images, he is haunted by them, he superimposes them on the present and brings them with him toward the.

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